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Signature sandwiches

$9.50 full sandwich or $5.25 half sandwich or half sandwich & side salad $9.50


Slow cooked pulled pork with a sweet barbeque sauce & montery jack cheese (plus 2 toppings).

Hey Chicken

Tender white chicken pulled & topped with a bold barbeque sauce and cheddar cheese (plus 2 toppings).

Say You Miss Me

Roast beef slow cooked in beer with a smoky babeque sauce and swiss cheese (plus 2 toppings).

Art Of Almost

Avocado & Brie with a sweet spicy mustard (plus 3 toppings).

Optional toppings:

Pickle slices, Avocado, Red Onion, Lettuce, Banana Peppers, Roasted Red Peppers, Tomato, Sauteed Onions, Jalepenos, Mushrooms. 


$8.50 full sandwich or $4.75 half sandwich or half sandwich & side salad $9.00

Casino Queen

A proven winner: Slices of deli turkey with balsamic onion marmalade, bacon, mayo & avocado.

One Wing

This one is sure to bring you some comfort: Slices of deli turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sauce & stuffing.

Heavy Metal Drummer


She fell in love with this sandwich, another then another: Slices of deli turkey,  jalepenos, cream cheese, cheddar & bacon.

How To Fight Loneliness

This sandwich will leave you smiling all the time: Deli chicken, honey mustand, apple slices, cheddar cheese & bacon .

Dreamer In My Dreams

Well there's a sandwich in my heart, burning up the charts: deli roast beef, banana peppers, pickled onions,  tomatoes & cheddar cheese.

Bull Black Nova

So good you'll kill for it: Black olive tapenade, un-dried tomato spread, provolone cheese, capicola, banana peppers & sauteed onions.

Airline To Heaven

This sandwich will get you past the pearly gates: Our own egg fritata, avocado, tomato, cheddar cheese & bacon.

At Least That's What You Said (v)

So much tasty goodness that you will be left satisfied for hours: Basil pesto, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers & avocado.

Wishful Thinking

Where would you be without this sandwich: Oven roasted portobello muchrooms & onions, avocado & tomato.

Via Chicago (v)

Searching for an interesting sandwich? Come home to Mango chutney, curried chick peas & onions, & tomato.

ELT (v)

Want a little bit of everything? Your choice of black olive tapenade, basil pesto, or sun-dried tomato spread with cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers, sauted onions, avocado, pickles, swiss cheese and lettuce.


Small $4.50 or Medium $5.25 or large $7.00

Walt Whitman's Niece 

Mandrain orange walnut salad with leafy lettuce, cucumber avocado & poppy seed dressing.

Sunken Treasure

Refreshing cucumber & mint salad with pickled onions & a sweet spicy asian dressing.

Sky Blue Sky

Blueberry & mixed greens salad with cucumber, walnuts, feta cheese & honey dijon dressing.

It's Just That Simple

Chick peas with tzatziki dressing & cherry tomatoes

Forget The Flowers

Couscous with sundried tomatoes, black olives & roasted red peppers.


Breakfast served all day



Egg fritata with bacon or tomato with cheddar on english muffin

Someday, Some Morning, Sometime


Oatmeal, cream cheese, apples and cinnamon on an open-faced english muffin.

Outtasite (Outta Mind)


Ham & cream cheese on cinnamon raisin bread.

High As Hello


Fried egg, Montreal smoked meat, yellow mustard on an English muffin. 

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